Thursday, November 29, 2012

American Girl Contest!!

Hey everyone!

Has anyone heard of American Girl Contest? Well, it is this very fun contest on this blog, (not a normal blog it's only for this contest). This lady, (I'm not sure who), started this photo contest. Someone else won that first round, and she became the judge. The "judge" chooses what theme for the people who have signed up to take photo's of, and they have to use whatever doll they signed up. (You choose one doll to sign up and you cannot change it later that season, other dolls can be in the photo's but whomever you signed up HAS to be the main doll in the photo. Some themes that have happened are Wonderland, Remembering you, (Here is my photo for Remembering You) 

 Yes, I made that saying up myself. Hehe. I thought it was good! I got eliminated this round, though. Every round 1 or 2 people get eliminated so eventually there is a winner! :)

Please go check it out! Here is the link! Please sign up, there are still 6 slots open! 
Here are a few more pictures I took for that contest:

Memories (was the theme)

 Making a change:
(going to middle school)


In the summer I...

Things I love:
When I grow up:
And I think that is all the pics I did! :) I mean all the rounds. :)

Love ya'll!
Silence and the dolls.


Wednesday, November 28, 2012

Doll I would ♥ to have!

Hey everyone! I hope I'm not overwhelming you with posts, but I am very excited with having this new blog, so the traffic will probably slow down to 1 post a day within the next few weeks, but during these first couple days/weeks there may be 1-2-3 a day. I will have to see how it goes. :)

  Aubrey is #1 on my list right now- she is just such a gorgeous doll.. If you want to see more home pictures of her, please go to this link.  Oh, and she is JLY #38

 (Sorry for this one being bigger than the last.. Don't know why) Um, I can't decide on a name for her. I'm thinking Zhu-Zhu, in a story I was writing I was thinking of Marty. Maddie, (my friend suggested that, but Maddie- I would name her after you!) Or Destiny Alice Renee - (dunno last name)  I am writing a story about her and Aubrey, they are both in an orphanage together one gets adopted then eventually they both get adopted by the same person.. I will post that story on here soon. :) It's really good, if I do say so myself.. hehe. She is #2 on my list. If you want to see more pics of her at homes, please go here. She, so you know, is JLY #35

Lindsey Bergman, first GOTY ever- cherished and archived doll, a pal, to many girls- a first doll- a loved doll- a doll that people are trying to get even know, people like me. Who find the value in these old dolls. I have been trying to find Lindsey on all sorts of online websites, including Ebay, if you happen to run across one for under $100 on there, please, give me the link. I would love it! ;) Lindsey I want to get when I can, in no particular order or anything, because that would be too hard. Lindsey was introduced in 2001, and some websites say she was GOTY through 2002, some say no.

 Kailey Hopkins- 2nd ever GOTY doll, introduced in 2003, a doll I would love to own, but, like Lindsey was retired, so I am searching, too, for her on Ebay, if you run across her, please send me the link! You can leave it to me in a comment, I get them before they are published. :) And again, I want to get her when I can, not in any order. :) Kailey was GOTY through 2004. Unlike most who are only here for a year. :) here is links to pics of her.

 Caroline Abbot, newest Historical character, released on September 4th, I didn't want her at first.. Now she is very pretty! :) I don't know when I will get her, if I for sure will- but someday I hope to. She looks very good as a modern GOTY.  pics of caro!

As of right now, I don't have a name for lovely JLY #58, but soon I will have to come up with a name. She looks absolutely ADORABLE with headbands in her hair! I hope to get her someday soon! She would be very cute since I have Cecile, especially! :)

 Kirsten, but as she is retired whenever..

Never was a Molly fan, but if it is a PM Molly, oh yah! And she is growing on me..
Never wanted Kit, because of short hair, but I borrowed my neighbors now I do.. But only if I can get her from cheap somewhere online. :)

Nellie, retired also but I have Sam so I need her! I'll do a post on my Sam, soon, she really is amazing.. :)
Please, don't think me spoiled. These are just dolls I would like to have, I love my dolls too-  don't get me wrong, but they would love to add some sisters to their family. ;)

Please go here if you would like to see the visual chart of which JLY dolls are which!

Thanks for reading, and please comment saying what dolls you would like!
Silence and the dolls.

Dolltography Tuesday! {1 day late}

Hey Everyone!

So every Tuesdsay I will do a post on here with Doll Photography that I have taken! I know it is one day late this week, but that is because I started this blog yesterday, (Tuesday) and came up with the idea today! (Wednesday) And I didn't feel like waiting another week.. So, anyways, here are some details on "Dolltography Tuesday"

Every week I will take some photo's of my dolls, (or, if I don't have time to take them, I will choose random ones off of my computer!) Which, in this case, I don't feel like going and taking pictures, uploading them, and posting them right this very minute. But, during the whole of this week, I will take tons of wonderful doll photo's, and give you a great treat next week. But, for now, you get old photo's. But old things are sweet, right?

Love this picture! Sorry for my shadow, though...
My dolls are so awesome, they can play with balls.. LOL, after lots of trial and error shots, I threw the ball just right, and didn't get my hand in the picture! *claps*
I have always been very, very proud of this picture!
It looks so real, (too me, anyways) I mean so realistic! Like they are walking up the drive/steps to a new school, like in one of those movies.. Does that make any sense?

Just horsing around...

Silence and the dolls.

*I took all these pictures, all by myself*


Tuesday, November 27, 2012

Cyber Monday at American Girl!

Hey Everyone! 

Did anyone else buy anything from American Girl on Cyber Monday? I sure did! I bought 9 items myself, and my bro bought one for me. I'll explain in a minute. Here is a list of the things I bought myself;




 So I bought all of that myself, I had money saved up and then I used a few dollars in allowance from Mom and Dad. I had been trying to buy these:
Myself, (I wouldn't have had enough though..) But I would click "add to bag" Because it showed you could, but you would click and it would say unavailable!!! HOW RUDE! It was doing that to everybody, I know from the Message Board I am on. Then, the next morning I tried again ant it worked! I didn't have money but my brother bought them for me! Thanks so much, bro! I love you! We called AG to see if they would add it on to our old order from the previous night but they couldn't, (we didn't want to pay extra shipping, it's costly!) but they didn't make us pay Shipping and Handling! WAHOO! Thank you LORD! :)
So that is all that I got- and I am very excited for it too come in. I will take an opening vid maybe when it gets here and post it on here. ;) The boots have shipped but my other things haven't, I think some things may be on backorder or something.. Hmm.... :) 

I would love to know what you guys' got from the sale! I love comments!
Silence and the dolls.




Welcome to my new blog, My Dolls And Me; An American Girl Doll Blog. I started this blog because I love American Girl Dolls, I have eight of my own, Nicki, Felicity, Elizabeth, Rebecca, Kanani, Samantha, and Cecile. You can learn more about them, (when and how I got them) on their page, which you can locate by clicking on the "meet the dolls' tab at the top of this blog.

I will try to post on this blog every day, or every other- but sometimes life catches up with you and you completely forget- so please don't get mad if that happens. I will post a reminder for myself somewhere to post on this blog.

When I post I will include photos every or almost time, they will always be taken by me unless otherwise noted. I have been very excited to create this blog; I have never had an all AG all the time blog all to myself- but I do share one, please click the link which is under my profile. It is "Everything AG With Silence and Willow".  I will have guest posts sometimes, too. Which will be very fun, I hope to my fellow readers.

I am on a wonderful message board called the "American Girl Fan Message Board " All the girls on there are very sweet, and it is fun to post our views and opinions on AG. Everybody is so different so it is nice to see things from others point of views. 

I hope to have many faithful followers one day, and hope to have giveaways, blog birthdays, (when this new blogs turns however many years old) and other fun things. I will be doing lots of reviews on doll things, post about what AG things I want, what I think of the new AG things when they are released, talk about everything AG in general. So please, do me a favor, and click the "follow that blog" button on the side of the blog, it would mean so much to me. 
Thank you for reading and hopefully following.
Silence and the Dolls.